Services – Info On-DemandTM  
Our Info On-DemandTM service provides a comprehensive package of information reporting and image delivery. We use the latest in internet technology to utilize the service in a safe and secure web environment. Each of the following modules is custom designed depending on the need of the client. Data can be viewed, printed and exported in a variety of report formats. Modules include:
  • Balance and detail debits and credits
  • The ability to update same day balances
  • Extensive archive of historical debits and credits
  • Complete lockbox reporting and image access
    • Deposit details
    • Batch details
    • Same day lockbox details
    • On-line access to check and document images
  • Ease of access and control
    • All your customers need is a PC and a web browser
    • No software needs to be installed
    • We provide hands on training as needed
  • Multiple levels of security
    • An ID unique to the organization and an ID unique to the user
    • Unique user password that must be changed every 30 days
    • Encryptions and firewall protected safeguards are used
    • All activity is logged, monitored and available for the bank